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By Eric Heed | EricHeed.com | @EricHeedCom

Designer, photographer and full time student again. Now I’m studying digital marketing to keep up to date on what’s happening on digital platforms and social media. I am looking for a creative and challenging job in digital marketing. Of course, I will also use this knowledge to reach out further with my own project and pictures – and to challenge what one can and cannot do.

Oh yeah, I can! – and with the right knowledge and tools it’s in reach. I’m going for the high-hanging fruits. On these pages I will blog about those tools, strategies and choices I make along the way. Of course, I’ll share from my everyday life, the search for the “dream job” and the photoprojects as well.

This site is the digital point of contact with all my networks

Private and professional networks are difficult to make a marked breakdown of when working with creativity. For me, marketing is a creative job on par with design and photography. You share your own thoughts, ideas, experience and your own person. It’s all about how to convey and communicate.

At EricHeed.com I ask questions and give answers. This is also where I share facts and tell stories. My own stories and other’s stories, in words – and in pictures. This is where I provoke, inform, inspire and engage.

Twenty-nineteen was a “bumpy ride” when reflecting on creativity and what I produced of photos and stories – which engaged the viewers

Regarding my creativity, twenty-nineteen has been a “bumpy ride”. I’ve lacked inspiration to be sharp, controversial and progressive. I have undermined my own creativity and followed some bad leads. Twenty-twenty I’m going to reverse the trend. I’ve burned some bridges and made some choices. I have new projects coming, if possible, some of them – with sharper edges. I will undoubtedly demand more from myself, my networks and creative partners in the future.

New portfolio online soon

…but things take a little more time than expected. Follow me on @EricHeedCom on insta, face or twitter so you won’t miss it!